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Exclusive : Brother Jamil Muhammad “Justice Or Else” Interview


Exclusive Interview with Jamil Muhammad, National Spokesman for the Honorable Min. LOUIS FARRAKHAN We discuss why the “Justice Or Else” event on October 10th 2015 is happening in Washington, DC and historic black historical events that have led up to this moment where the people of America want “Justice Or Else”


Brother Jamil Muhammad is a Native Cincinnatian, and son of Freedom Fighter parents. He attended Howard University, and is a proud father of four Howard University graduates, and the father of three more high schoolers who are on their way to the same campus!

Brother Jamil is a longtime helper and still an avid student of Minister Louis Farrakhan. His service in the Nation of Islam (NOI) includes heading up Mosques in New Orleans, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Atlanta, and leading the Muslims throughout the Deep South. Brother Jamil was appointed to his current position as NOI National Spokesman in 2001.

Recently, he was tapped by the Minister to head up Youth Mobilization for “Justice or Else,” the 20th Anniversary of the Million Man March, to be held in Washington, D.C. on 10-10-15. (www.JusticeorElse.com)

Brother Jamil is the recipient of numerous awards and citations, among them Omega Psi Phi Community Service Award; Baltimore City Outstanding Citizen; Sacramento, California Men of Honor; and other grass roots recognition for his commitment to our people in the streets.

Regardless of all of his credentials and work, the title he most treasures is…”Brother.”Jamil Muhammad, National Spokesman for the Honorable Min. Louis Farrakhan




The MORE LOVE! Internet Radio Show hits Urban Markets today to help address issues of BLACK LOVE & ROMANCE.

In a time when unmarried Black women and good Black men are trying to find one another, Ingram and Atiya, along with producer Relentless Aaron announced today the launch of a new Internet radio show called MORE LOVE!
The podcast examines relationship dynamics in the Black community, responds to the questions and challenges that keep many brothers and sisters wondering and alone.
Finally a show that explores ways to heal and strengthen love connections. http://www.waymorelove.com

#morelove #radioshow #relationships #love #sex #divorce #moneymatters #divorce #domesticviolence

To see the official press release please click the link below


Relationship Coach Atiya

Relationship Coach ATIYA discusses the importance of “Purposeful Dating”

Relationship Coach ATIYA Talks about The Marriage Tree” and “Purposeful Dating”, Being a self published author of 7 books with “Atiya’s Light Publishing” and the joys of new Authors coming onboard.

To Contact Atiya


Relationship Coaching
Couples Coaching
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The Marriage Tree

Purposeful Dating By Atiya

From Ordinary To Extra Ordinary By Atiya

Relationship Coaching
Couples Coaching
Life Coaching
Book Publishing
The Marriage Tree

Why we should stop the talk of MAYWEATHER VS ROUSEY NOW!!

Despite the constant reminders from the mainstream media about the personal life of the highest paid sportstar in the world boxer Floyd Mayweather and his connection to domestic violence, the media continue to talk about a “Fantasy Matchup” with the best female fighter from another code of martial arts #UFC Ronda Rousey.

Recently Ronda when approached about this fantasy matchup continued the hype by saying “The only way I would fight Floyd was if we were dating” which was having a swipe at the unbeaten boxer’s domestic case with his then partner who he allegedly beat up.

Here are my thoughts on the matter and why this sort of publicity is totally inappropriate and also why stations that promote this should be boycotted. 

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BaylorIC TV Boxing Channel LIVE Show TONIGHT!

For the first time we will be streaming LIVE to all of our subscribers, followers and loyal supporters via YOUTUBE. We have streamed before but it has always been rather last minute. Tonight we will be broadcasting from 8pm. There is no need to go anywhere you can watch it via this blog or go straight to the youtube channel and watch the stream. Even if you are not a boxing fan, drop in and leave a comment on the youtube comment section. Join others if you are a fan and have your say.. we are expecting a good crowd of fans and there is much to talk about. 

Anthony Joshua, James Degale, Ricky Burns, Jamie Mcdonnell, Canelo vs Kirkland, Mayweather vs Pacquaio Aftermath and I’m sure there will be much more discussions. 

Don’t miss out! 8pm (GMT) LIVE STREAM with your host INGRAM JONES of BAYLORIC WORLDWIDE TV

in the meantime check out our updated station page http://www.bayloricworldwide.com with lots of features in the world of Entertainment, Food & Travel, Sports, Relationship Coaching and much more. 


Questions & Answers with Ingram Jones

Often it is me behind the camera or heard on the microphone during an interview asking the questions to public figures wanting to find out the latest news about their fight or training, to dispel the rumours or to find out what makes that individual pop.

Having done this for quite a while I believed it was time to come home and answer some questions from those very loyal supporters whom had a stack of questions lined up for me via an app called #AskFM.

So here is the first in which I hope will be a series of questions & answer sessions with yours truly.. Ingram Jones

Don’t forget to get your questions in and who knows I might even answer them. The great thing about ASK FM is that you don’t have to give your name and you can ask away, I think its great. If you fancy asking me a question and to be included in the next video.. http://ask.fm/BAYLORICWORLDTV

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BaylorIC TV Boxing Channel #worldboxing Roundup Video #1

Before you ask the question why in black and white? the answer is a simple one I couldn’t be bothered to fiddle with the lighting on the Google hangout system so instead i decided to try something a little different and go in black and white so don’t be concerned with the monitor… its from our end so…

It’s the first one of these videos in a long time and I would like to take it to a point where I can can consistently do a weekly show like this.. there a whole lot more on the table to tend to outside boxing.. #Life however, what might be the norm is to do a weekly show to avoid having to do 8 or 9 videos with the amount of fights that are being thrown at us.

It’s an exciting time for boxing fans, we are in the season where the biggest and best fights are being made, so you gotta put yourself out there and be a part of the movement.

Thank you for your time and enjoy the video and once I can work out the chat options on this it will be great!

Love and Light

Ingram Jones

BaylorIC TV

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Fred Jenkins Previews Bryant Jennings vs Wladimir Klitschko

Legendary boxing trainer Fred Jenkins talks to BaylorIC TV about his fighter (Bryant Jennings) chances in his challenge for the world heavyweight title against defending champion Wladimir Klitschko. Mr Jenkins has been in boxing since 1973 and knows a thing or two about boxing and believes the boxing world has grossly underestimated the skills of the man from philly Bryant “By-By” Jennings as his trainer explains in this interview.


“Your Dreams & Visions” Inspired by Ingram Jones

In the latest episode of Ingram Jones Talks Back, Ingram Jones talks about the importance of YOU. Your dreams and visions are important to YOU and there will always be someone in your ear telling you about your limitations. In this video Ingram gives a step by step actions to make life changes for the better.  Make that change for the better and start living life in your ultimate self.

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Bryant Jennings “The Man who dared to become Heavyweight Champion Of The World” by Ingram Jones

I guess this blog/Video was created because of the skepticism that has darken our vision of the years. The belief that seeing truly is believing. The story that a man is dismissed of his dreams when the mountain seems too high, when the odds are against him. The philosophy of either you are a bully or you are going to get bullied. The hopelessness of succeeding because its just your time. The fashion that only when Floyd Mayweather “TBE” says Hard Work, Dedication that he alone is that and no other fighter can be that. 

The assumption that Martin Luther King’s ” I have a dream” is so long ago and in black and white and now we are in HD it doesn’t matter. Evander Holyfield being a small man each and every time he stepped into the ring as a heavyweight was always dismissed as a “Blown Up Cruiserweight” yet they underestimated the size of his heart, his guts and his will which was far bigger than the size of any man that dare stepped foot in the ring. 

The experts that tell you that the 100 Metre world record that has been set will be near impossible to break, along comes Usain Bolt. America will never have a black president and then.. President Barrack Obama serves 2 terms, he might have served even longer had it been possible. 

Now comes along a hard working, dedicated young man named Bryant Jennings who like the others i have mentioned also has a dream, a vision to topple the giant, his name Wladimir Klitschko. Of course the experts have dismissed the man from Philly saying he’s too small and too inexperienced, yet if he wins they will surround him and congratulate him for defeating the giant but will then tell you.. well “Wlad was getting on in age”

So I write this blog as many have asked me the question, do I write blogs? The answer to the question is when  I feel the time is right to express my feelings and I am sure many will read this. 

I am fed up of what these two faced experts have got t say. Fed up of being told to give up on your dreams because there is someone of some obstacle that might put up a fight to oppose your vision. What you all may or may not understand is that from a spiritual tip, life will never deal you what you can’t handle and will always prepare you for what is to come. No matter what that may be.

People often dismiss what I am doing with BaylorIC TV, I can do this and that better but they who say it will never offer the time or the support necessary, well until they see you rise to the cream of the creme and then they want to tell you how to celebrate that success. Through our interviews I have been privileged to be a part of the crowning moment of a few good fighters, Terrence Crawford one of exclusive interviews, spoken to this incredible fighter twice, at length. Predicted he would become a world champion when people dismissed him.. they are now raving about him. Keith Thurman another, Bermane Stiverne the first Haitian Heavyweight world champion yet another, and now its time for “By-By” to step up to that mantle.

Let us not forget Team Fury when Hughie made his debut and trainer Peter Fury, people knew little about. Experienced trainers such as Uncle James Ali Bahsir and Abel Sanchez have shared their nuggets of wisdom as well…this is because one man set on on a dream and whilst its no where near complete the fruits are there to see.. had I listened to the ney sayers.. none of this would have happened. 

I end on this note to say this because in your experience you don’t believe a person can do something, don’t automatically dismiss them. Give yourself the capacity to dream the dream and when it becomes a reality share in that moment of magic, the dream of freedom and success, celebrate the lifting of a world title and don’t isolate yourself from an experience that you to can be, lifting the belt of your dreams… and while you do it knowing you were supported along with it.

i often don’t blog because of the lack of comments, but in this case..i’m sure my YouTube video will get a few comments, some of the same old boring tired mindsets… but i open my heart to receive a different message and to post a blog that will not only inspire you but to the man named “By By” on April 25th to become a man who fufills his destiny. All the best Bryant.

I hope you enjoy the video

Inspired by BaylorIC TV’s Ingram Jones

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In This Corner Boxing Podcast with Special Guest BaylorIC TV’s Ingram Jones

bayloric in this corner


We talk to Ingram Jones of BaylorIC Worldwide & Bayloric TV Boxing Channel about boxing in Ireland, The UK, & around the world. Hear discussions about Muhammad Ali’s brother — Rahman Ali; also Wilder, Fury, Klitschko, Jennings, Stiverne, Byrd, Thurman, Broner, Khan, Guerrero — and that’s just to name a few. Plus, Larry Holmes tells you who he’s betting on in the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight. ‪#‎MayPac‬ ‪#‎MikeMittman‬ ‪#‎boxing‬ ‪#‎podcast‬

Don House


BaylorIC TV Boxing are back with another exclusive. Don House, the trainer that guided Bermane Stiverne to become the first Haitian Born Heavyweight Champion Of The World talks to Ingram Jones about the title loss to new champion Deontay Wilder.

In this interview you will hear shocking revelations as to how the then WBC World Champion decided to approach his upcoming first title defence against No 1 contender unbeaten knockout king Deontay Wilder who had a perfect knockout percentage coming into the fight 32 fights, 32 knockouts.

You will also hear about plans of the comeback trail with a mooted fight between Bermane Stiverne vs Jean Pascal. 

Photo with Mike Mittman, Larry Holmes, Mike Tyson & Gerry Cooney


In This Corner is a weekly podcast where you’ll hear Mike Mittman’s take on the boxing world.  For over 40 years Mike has been involved in every aspect of the fight game – from former president of the National Veteran Boxers’ Association to one of today’s major boxing commentators announcing fights around the globe.  From 1978 to 1996 he hosted “In This Corner” — an award-winning TV show that featured guests such as Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, George Foreman, Sugar Ray Leonard, Thomas Hearns, Lennox Lewis, Emile Griffith, Jake LaMotta, Carmen Basilio, and the legendary list goes on.  He currently hosts the syndicated TV show with the Hall of Fame Heavyweight Champion Larry Holmes “What The Heck Were They Thinking?!” produced by Service Electric Cable Television — the founders of cable TV.

Ingram Jones returns with BaylorIC TV’s Boxing show this time the guests are Mike & Steve Mittman who are the voices behind the podcast show “In This Corner” Boxing Podcast and as you will see in the video, this is not just your ordinary boxing podcast. Mike and Steve are heavily involved in Boxing with regular guest former Heavyweight Champion Of The World Larry Holmes make up a phenomenal team. Enjoy the show.

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Since the decision to become a veggie my biggest concern was whether there would be enough creative dishes to satisfy my desire to eat meaty dishes. Going out eating with my wife at times in the beginning was a real pain, fast food was out of the question because all of those places were meat dominated. Even NANDOS was out of the running, however the corn and chips are still a major player in my thinking and belly!

The Quorn Pieces and burgers at first were okay, but soon enough the urge to desire those meals were over and now happily settled as a veggie I can honestly say after over since October 2014 I have not looked back. This video is about the types of sauces I have recently come across to make those dishes taste… damn good!



in 2009 Ingram Jones launched brand BaylorIC as a cricket academy… the youtube channel was also launched. On 11th March 2015, the day of Mayweather vs Pacquiao press conference, the views hit 1 Million and 630 views!!

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About Ingram



Ingram Jones talks about the power of forgiveness, recognizing your character weaknesses and accepting when you are wrong. Once this has been done its time to move on with your life even when people don’t want to accept your apologies.
The most important thing is that you have apologized and forgiven all that may have wronged you.


BaylorIC TV Boxing Blog: Thurman vs Guererro/ Broner vs Molina Post fight review

BaylorIC TV’s Boxing Ingram Jones reviews the first NBC Premier Boxing Champions which featured the following fights

Adrien Broner vs John Molina

Keith Thurman vs Robert Guerrerro

Ingram also discusses a recent development in the history of BaylorIC TV & Boxing with a new twitter page dedicated just to boxing




 BaylorIC TV’s Ingram Jones returns with another preview as the NBC “Premier Boxing Champions” National Television boxing series begins. Boxing is back to national television and no, you don’t have to pay for it. Keith Thurman gets the chance to show the world that he is “The Real Deal” in a fight against a proven world class opponent in the 4 time world champion Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero. Check out the video below, don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE, LIKE  and COMMENT. 

Thanks for your support. We appreciate it. 

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Rahman ALI, the brother of Former Heavyweight Champion of the world Muhammad Ali talks to BaylorIC TV’s Ingram Jones about his life and career in the shadow of “The Greatest”. Subjects such as converting to a muslim, the impact of the Nation Of Islam and addressing the stories in the press about the relationship with him and the rest of the ALI family are also discussed in this exclusive interview. If you are a fan of Muhammad Ali, you must listen to this one… please don’t forget to support the channel by hitting that SUBSCRIBE BUTTON.

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In this exclusive interview Ron Brashear talks to BaylorIC TV’s Ingram Jones about the life and time of both Muhammad Ali and his Brother Rahman Ali. Rahman Ali and Ron Brashear teamed up to write a book which is currently on sale about the life of Rahman Ali who lived in the shadow of his brother “The Greatest” Muhammad Ali.

Ingram Jones explores the various stories which have been reported by the mainstream media about the health and relationship between Rahman and Muhammad and put the record straight about many stories. A must watch interview.

BaylorIC TV will also be talking to Rahman Ali about his book and life in the shadows of Muhammad Ali. Stay Tuned.

To See Similar video such as Muhammad Ali is half-Irish & Mayweather thinks he’s greater than Ali just click the link below


Building Intellectual Equity: Black History Month

blackhis4 (1)_thumb_thumb

Building Intellectual Equity: Black History Month

Join us in creating a new and fresh approach to celebrating black history month! Unlocking Genius Institute and its partnering scholars, teachers, and presenters have designed a 4 week training to build intellectual equity. This course is for all ages, families, educators, homeschools and those who love learning.

Join us now!

Course Overview

Introduction to “Building Intellectual Equity” course
Aim and Purpose
Black Creativity and Genius

African Sacred Science

Black America’s Greatest Geniuses
The God-Given Genius of Elijah: The Building of A Nation

INNOVATION! A Joint Project with The Museum of Science & Industry Chicago

Logic & Legacy: Teaching Reasoning through Black Heritage, History and Tradition

Building Intellectual Equity

Building Intellectual Capital – w/ Phil Jackson, Black Star Project
Self-Improvement: “Know yourself better than anyone else”
College Bound: From preK-12
The 7 Principles of Community Resiliency – w/ Dr. Carl Bell
Emotional Intelligence – w/ Dr. Dominica McBride
Study Mastery: How to Master any Subject!

The Power of WORDS!

Overcoming the Barriers to study
The importance of the dictionary: Malcom X’s Secret

Building Academic Vocabulary (Students K-12)

Building Academic Vocabulary (Adults in the workplace)
STEM (Science, Tech, Engineering, Math), Healthcare and Economics

Why Math and Science?: Nation Building Skills
Urban Agriculture: Creating Sustainable Systems
Mastering the subject of Math

Robotics and Innovation: Engaging your community in advance science projects

BONUS: Special Guest Presentation

Course Price:

This course is viewable on all mobile devices
21+ high quality lessons


#BreakingNews Woman Named “BREE” Pulls down Confederation Flag and gets arrested!!

A woman scaled the flagpole in front of the South Carolina Statehouse Saturday morning and temporarily removed the Confederate flag that flew there. The woman was arrested by State Capitol police along with a man who had entered the grounds with her. The flag was replaced and raised a short time later.