If you were unable to catch BaylorIC on Sky then I have included a link where you will be able to replay in your own time and share with others.

Kind Regards

Baylor Intenational Champions



  1. Hey Me producing that you simply excellent group of great singers and tune in to the great knowledge you actually beautiful voices mixture along and once I put an opportunity to ever before head to America as well as talk to less complicated this one particular large aspiration is usually to satisfy an individual again and if simply no I can be around anyone perhaps enjoy i really might fill the fantasy. I certainly not learn if you should come back to Europe nevertheless believe that a number of although not just about consequently perhaps perhaps also although me and when you at any time find a way to pay a visit to North america, as well as undoubtedly I might be pleased if we include your activities on the non-active ever have observed. I wish an individual best wishes for the class just about every achievements and delivers excellent shows especially excellent with your management. Again If only best wishes to get a nice day.


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