BaylorIC 2010/ New Year 2011

Happy New Year to all members of the BaylorIC Page!!

When I orginally opened this page last year, I had no idea what sort of information the group would create. It was always going to be about cricket in the community in the UK. The idea that the cricket development work I did was always going to be about creating opportunities for young people that were unable to access cricket and play for a cricket team for various reasons. 2010 Many opportunities were created. Booker Hill School was given £8,000 to ensure every pupil at the school could access cricket coaching. This also funded pupils to play at the local cricket club which was attached to the cricket academy which I was head coach of both. over 21 kids were given an opportunity which thanks to the government funding then, reached out to. These kids also got to play for the local cricket club.

GFRC ran cricket training sessions during the season with soft ball practice followed up with a week long cricket camp based in Gravesend, Kent. The local press were very supportive. During the winter up till christmas I continued to run winter training in the club hall but now with the support of the county and district we will be working in partnership to expand the opportunites for the young people of gravesend. My work in High wycombe (Booker Hill, Little Marlow CC) was shown on the SKY community channel in April 2010. Little did I know later that year the community champions would be running a national event which I would end up getting nominated for and eventually being announced a winner in Dec 2010. Interviews with Colourful Radio, Bradford Radio and the Local Media all helped to support my work and for this I am so grateful. My first role as a guest speaker before the Lord Of Buckinghamshire and the Mayor of Aylesbury was interesting, it made me understand the responsibility of having to share my cricketing thoughts and views in a forum which was new to me, exciting, daunting but certainly opened me up to a different way of thinking off field. SO.. What does 2011 hold?

The much talked about Indoor Cricket League in Wycombe has been confirmed, venue and date is in place (March 4th 2011) Equipment and finer details are currently being sorted. An Open Evening will be on Feb 18th 2011. I am in the process of offering a saturday cricket club @ Booker Hill school for kids from the local community and the pupils of the school whom are part of the cricket team. There will also be a half term cricket camp.

In Gravesend- an extended cricket academy which will include a partnership with the KENT ECB and Gravesham and Dartford District Board. Gravesham Council have also been very supportive and secured funding for this project to go ahead. VCricket- An ECB project to encourage volunteers to help out at local cricket clubs, I will be using this blueprint to increase membership at Little Marlow CC so we can provide an even better service for the young people in the area. Having won the under 12s title in the 2010, under 13 and 14s runners up..there is a healthy competitive vibe around the club. The FIRST organised Cricket awards back in late 2010 had a significant effect on the players at LMCC. Players are now focusing on training harder and dedicated to trying to win an award. The awards had such a positive feedback from the club members that it is also having a positive impact on the coaching front. If this wasn’t enough. I am seriously considering running a few cricket workshops to encourage parents to get involved in cricket as managers, umpires and coaches. This will follow up from visiting as many schools as possible in an assembly format to share not only my love for the game of cricket, but opening up the chance for interested players to attend training sessions at the cricket club.

A trip to India is also a massive dream of mine which I hope to realise in 2011. The chance to experience the indian culture, from bollywood to playing cricket in the streets, talking about my personal cricketing experiences to watching top players at work.. the whole package.. another challenge which I eagerly look forward to in 11.

Finally, The National Documentary being filmed by the Community Channel TV on SKY. I will be sharing the film with 4 of the other community champions. I hope that this opens up funding opportunities and continue to provide more chances for young people in local communities. Much to report in 2011 for the BAYLORIC Page. Thank you for your support.

May you achieve all your dreams in 2011. Thank you once again for your support because truly without your inspiration and strength.. none of this would have been possible for me to realise my dreams!!

Ingram Jones

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