BaylorIC “WORLDWIDE” Vision/BaylorIC Welcomes ATIYA

It has always my dream to be able to coach cricket to young people around the world. There is nothing more pleasing to hear from an individual how a coaching session has had a positive effect on their life. To know that they choose to spend their time working hard developing their skill set instead of walking around the streets is always great to know. I believe that BaylorIC is going to be able to offer even  more for its students. It’s not just about creating champions on the cricket field, but champions in life. With Atiya’s experience in developing enrichment programs combined with dynamic coaching sessions, there is no doubt in my mind BaylorIC can continue to support in local communities not only in the UK but Worldwide.”- Ingram Jones 2011

Atiya whom is based in the USA has a well-rounded background including over 20-years experience in Mass Communications and Personal Development. She is a professional trainer-for-trainers, The author of From Ordinary to Extraordinary, and a charismatic inspirational speaker who has spoken at various universities and events throughout the United States, as well as ministered in numerous spiritual houses throughout the U.S. and in Canada. Atiya’s creative and artistic approach encourages mind, body, spirit connection and total life transformation. There is truly Magic in the Process and on any journey, Atiya helps YOU to discover it.

She offers keynotes, workshops, seminars/symposiums, life and purpose coaching, training sessions and consultation services to individuals and groups who want to unfold into their greatness and uncover the secrets to L.I.F.E. – “Living in Freedom Everyday.”
“Atiya’s book is a must read for anybody wanting to achieve the very best of their potential. It has not only been inspirational for me but will be great to help motivate others.”- Ingram Jones

Atiya’s website- “From Ordinary to Extraordinary



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