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Dear Reader,

It has been brought to my attention for a while now that there has been a great deal of cricket groups developing on facebook. Discussions mainly around current players, the state of the game and results of various matches. There has been debates which have been very serious regarding match fixing and then there has been the extreme worship of current players which regardless how good a player is and how much he gives to his/her community, they are still human. However if you were to read some of the comments players take on God like figures. Which is fine, everybody has an opinion.

The topic I don’t see much discussion about or real involvement on facebook forums is the support of grassroots cricket. Where are we going to find the next tendulkar or flintoff? Who is going to be india’s next super fast bowler?

What about the coaches? what are their opinions? More coaches in the local communties need to speak up about what they are doing to help produce the next player. Surely as cricket Lovers we should be looking to speak up and support all aspects of the game. I mean, if we are to love someone, we should love them as a whole right?

Correct me if im wrong in what im saying. I guess I’m saying this from the standpoint that as a cricket coach and one whom does look to develop cricket in local communites it would be great to be able to enter a forum to discuss such topics as good coaching practice or various ways to coach a young person whom has all the talent in the world yet no real dedication.

Wouldn’t it be great to have coaches discussing the next talented youth player and follow them right through to the international circuit. Having them blogging about their various struggles and victories on the road to becoming an international star? what an amazing forum that would be?

Imagine this happening around the world. 

I want to invite you all to discuss cricket at all levels and also to network to share ideas and visions. We love this sport and I feel that together is the only way we are going to give the sport the push it needs at grass roots level.

One final point.. 

So England are the best test nation in the world? Is this true? Do you agree with the idea that players whom have learnt their trade in another country can come and represent England to make them the best test playing nation? What happened to all the home grown talent? what message is this sending to the county players? more importantly, what message does a coach tell a young person playing in England.

I am not sure of any other nation in the world that has this policy. Would love to hear your thoughts cricket lovers and how you think the ideas I have suggested could work?

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Thank you for your time

Ingram Jones

BaylorIC Worldwide Cricket Development Officer

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