Becoming A Champion On and Off The Field : The SUPER Way By Ingram Jones


Dear Reader,

 I am proud to announce that I have just published my first E- book entitled “Becoming a champion on and off the field : The SUPER Way” after years of listening to every other coach and player share their fantastic experiences in cricket, I have felt inspired to create this book.

My Wife Atiya K Muhammad whom is an author, writer, inspirational speaker and life and purpose coach inspired me to actually begin to write the book making me realise that after years of creating successful cricket teams, winning countless of cricket tournaments and affecting so many people’s lives it was time to talk about it. However not to just talk about it, but to write about my coaching experiences.

For my first book I have decided not to focus on my own accomplishments in the game as a cricket development officer but to offer some timely advice to those players whom are in the game seeking advice or to a coach whom is after an easy read looking for new ways to motivate his or her student.

I must also state this book is NOT a techinical coaching manual, its more about what you can say to inspire any cricketer at any level, especially when they are going through a loss of form with bat or ball. Also its great to add when running coaching sessions and want to engage a young person who may not quite be responding to a coaching session that you may be running. Or perhaps you would like to encourage a new player into the gane.

After hearing so many players come up with the same excuses    I thought to myself…”Haven’t I heard this before 20 miles away?” while doing a coaching session with up and coming cricketers. Imagine this must be happening up and down the country. Having traveled abroad I noticed that this was a repeated pattern and something had to be done about it. Or at least for me to make an attempt to change a way of thinking.

I have also made the book very easy to read with lots of illustrations over 47 pages long so theres lots of good solid information, words of wisdom and most of all words to make YOU feel EMPOWERED.

To order the book please follow the link below


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