BaylorIC WorldWide Special Feature : Carl Froch V Andre Ward (Super Six Boxing Final)

The wait is finally over. After 2 years in the making we have the fight to define whom will be chalked in history as the winner of the showtime super 6 finals, the numero uno- The best supermiddleweight boxer in the world.

UK’s Carl Froch faces USA’s  Andre Ward. Both men deserve the upmost credit for coming this far and facing the very best fighters available to them in the competiton each and every time. I would say that Carl has had the harder fights simply because of his style. Froch is a very strong man whose chin has basically helped him secure a place in the finals. He has good boxing skills, however if you watch the amount of punches he takes fight after fight you have to wonder.. how much more punishment can one man take. Froch is the type of guy whom will stand right in front of you and throw punches from wierd angles and every punch is with the intention to render the other man unconscious. He wont try and run and grab to win a fight. The problem with his style is that he is always suckered in to brawl with a defence which is less than world-class and thus leaving him open to be hit and hurt. His chin is the key to most of his success otherwise the monster shots he has been caught with would have had him KO’d and out of the tournament a long long time ago. He has failed to KO a single opponent since entering the super six tournament and you have to go back to the last round KO to Jermain Taylor to actually see Froch drop and really hurt someone.

Boxer punchers give Carl the most problems, look back to the Taylor Fight, the Direll fight.. These guys have good hand and foot speed and can punch with good power. Both guys tagged Froch, Taylor droped Froch and Direll caught Carl late on in either the 10th or 11th round which had him stunned. The kessler fight was in Mikkel’s backyard and the decision could have gone either way. Carl is open to right hands and left hooks.

Which leads me to the “SON OF GOD” Andre Ward. Unbeaten, olympic gold medalist. The one thing I admire about Ward is that he always has a different gameplan to meet the opponent he fights. He truly is a student of the game. A lot of fans would say he isnt the most exciting of fighters because unlike Carl, he believes in the theory of “hit and not get hit”.  Ward has silky smooth boxing skills and a good chin. I’m not sure if his chin is as good  as Froch’s. However Andre doesn’t get tagged the way Froch does.

There is also a belief that Andre Ward cannot punch. I don’t believe this for one second. Andre Ward has been able to back up Mikkel Kessler and Athur Abraham. Both guys are heavy handed, both guys landed on ward and both guys got beaten by ward. Ward in the process ended up bullying both of them( feather-fisted punchers don’t do this) Froch lost to Kessler. There has also been a lot of talk that Ward hasn’t fought away from his hometown for the super 6. All I can say that he has some excellent management team to that. It is of no secret that the American’s are seeing Ward as the next big thing in the states. He has handled the pressure excellently and we are yet to see the very best of him.. I suspect that this fight we will see this.

When I tuned in for the weigh in I was watching Ward’s posture.. and there was an element of when Mayweather was weighing in to fight Ricky Hatton, the back was arched and he was walking around like a guy looking to bully anybody around. Could this have been a clue as to how he is going to tackle Froch? Carl looked his usual confident self.. he is acting very very cool. However it doesn’t really matter until the punches begin to fly. One other observation is that Carl in his recent interviews looks like he has aged. Yes, its obvious he has become older, the tournament has been running for over 2 years but he seems older, maybe its my mind playing tricks.. but he seems haggered. He looked in excellent shape on the scales and at the weigh in.. but…could this be one fight too many?

Another point: Since the Kessler fight Carl Froch fought 2 guys whom weren’t known for their speed of foot or hand in Abraham and Johnson which allowed Froch to be able to box, put punches together and have control of the fight… which gives the impression that Carl has improved…

Tonight we will see whether he has improved with a man whom has great handspeed, footspeed, acurate with his punches and is a student of the game…

I can’t see Froch outpointing Ward so he would have to KO him. I think Carl could be in for a very nasty shock early sunday morning or late saturday night when he discovers not only Ward hits harder than he expected, but his leaky defence finally lets him down in the biggest event and Ward finds the speed, angles and punches to stop Carl Froch. Yes, I said it.. It will be a great fight and Froch will be throwing punches from bell one but I can see Andre backing Carl up.. I can see Andre hurting Carl and if that happens it turns the fight around. Imagine Andre catching Carl early and dropping him and then just counter punching him for the rest of the fight??

Let me know your thoughts.

Blog written by Ingram Jones


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