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Dear Reader,

BaylorIC Worldwide Has undergone many updates for 2012. Firstly I have been doing many more blogs about boxing which is another sport which I love. I used to box as a youngster, unfortunately due to ilness back then my ambitions to follow through being a professional boxer weren’t to be. I did however convert that knowledge into becoming a boxing tutor and whilst this is a step in the right direction.. I have much work still to achieve in cricket. Boxing taught me much discipline and the understanding to respect the process of getting into shape and its benefits and also the fact that if you are not fit in a boxing ring its the wrong place to run out of steam with someone fitter than yourself. Fortunately I didn’t ever get knocked down or knocked out but I know plenty that did.

Which leads me onto my first point I have always been a fan of people whom have made up their mind to do something even though the experts dont give them a chance. New years eve I did a video prediction about Dereck Chisora. Little did I know that new years day that I would not only bump into Dereck Chisora, but I would end up litterally shoulder to shoulder with him eating a Nandos.


I predicted that Andre Ward would completely outbox Carl Froch and even become the first man to stop him. The amount of punches Ward was able to land was of no surprise and the only reason that Froch didn’t get stopped was due to the “Son Of God” injuring his hand. He bullied Froch in the ring as well.  https://bayloric.wordpress.com/2011/12/17/bayloric-worldwide-special-feature-carl-froch-v-andre-ward-super-six-boxing-final/

I then predicted that Pakistan would be too hot on the cricket field for the England Cricket Team before they arrived in Dubai. Again you will read that prediction on the BaylorIC Blog Page. https://bayloric.wordpress.com/2012/01/05/england-v-pakistan-2012-test-series/

Well I’m going to make it 3 in a row and state that DERECK CHISORA will be the the NEW WBC Heavyweight champion of the world. I expect to see a version of Dereck Chisora that the boxing world have not seen yet. Speed plus strength equals power. I think that Dereck will set a pace that NO fighter has ever set against an ageing Vitali. The world are given Dereck no chance but the mindset of Dereck Chisora is what makes me smile.. one reporter said “Are you going to shock the world Dereck?” 

Dereck turned to the reporter and said ” No, I just going to shock YOU.. ” basically saying to the reporter that he ISNT the world and his opinion doesn’t matter. 

I hope that I will be able to get an exclusive inteview for BaylorIC in the near future with the new champ.

Now back to BaylorIC Matters. Our website designer  and consultant Atiya recently launched her website which is fantastic and we are proud to have her onboard. 

Finally we are in London after years of working outside of the capital with a half term event followed by a FREE Event for adults. The opportunity to be able to promote cricket to local communities is something which really excites me.  I am a london lad and felt it was about time I had returned to give something back. Too much crime, too many stabbings.. 

It’s also the Olympic year and I grew up near Stratford. It would be criminal  to call myself a cricket development consultant and not even attempted to do any sort of work at home!! So to double things up I have joined in with a National Intitative called Sports Maker which encourages people from the community to use 10 hours of their time to volunteer.  http://www.sportmakers.co.uk/ for more details.

Details can be found on the link below.

For a while I believed that facebook was a great place to promote the BaylorIC Brand but with changes galore I took the decision to move over to google+  its up and coming and so are we…


To promote the BaylorIC Worldwide name and brand I have decided to change the colours and have designed a new cap and t-shirt for coaching. Let me know what you think.

Well that just about wraps things up.. oh yeah.. don’t forget my internet interview this sunday 12th Feb at 6.30pm. Details can be found on the website http://www.bayloricworldwide.com


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