Dereck Chisora: Keeping The Faith 2012

Firstly I must begin this blog by saying that as a fighter Dereck Chisora for his 17 fights lack of experience gave the legendary Vitali Klitschko the toughest fight of his life this includes the Lewis fight. Vitali said That the lewis fight was only 6 rounds and that was 10 years ago. I did say that Chisora would beat Vitali but the more experienced fighter won on the night.
Chisora showed great heart and guts to take the fight to the biggest puncher the division has known ahead of george foreman statistically and he absorbed those shots.
What people have overlooked is that Vitali is mentally and emotionally stronger than his brother and under that sort of assault of constant pressure aginst wlad we would have been having a different view of chisora.
This is where my blog will focus. There will be many people talking up the post fight antics of Chisora and Haye but that was caused by a build up and this is what I am going to focus on.

Let’s go back in time. Dereck Chisora was the unbeaten british and commonwealth champion after beating sam sexton for the second time. David Haye avoided a fight with a klitschko to fight the giant. Fair enough. Chisora was lined up to fight the younger klitschko brother.
Now, this is an unbeaten fighter full of belief ready in his eyes to fight for the title. Not once but twice the fight was cancelled after getting himself into great shape.
Now I don’t know if any of you readers are boxing fans or more importantly have trained for a fight. The amount of dedication needed to get in shape knowing every fight could be your last drives you to places unknown to a person who has never had to fight.
The biggest chance of a lifetime is then scuppered by David Haye whom gatecrashes the planned fight with wlad whom had probably been advised by Emmanuel Steward to stay clear of Chisora. Steward saw chisora during the public workout and wanted his fighter to have no part of Dereck.
So he pulls out through injury- yet to be proven to be true.
Then the fight is back on and then gets cancelled because the fight between Haye and Wlad has escalated because of the trash talking of Haye and public demand.
To be fair the public didn’t know whom chisora was and Haye made it clear for everybody to know who he was.
This left Dereck having to defend his titles against who? Tyson Fury. A man coming to the table with nothing. A british title defence. Emotionally for Dereck a huge come down and we saw an out of shape chisora lose to fury.
In the meanwhile Haye tasted one jab from Wlad in the first round and was on the back foot trying to pot shot with one punch trying to KO the glass chinned klitschko according to David.

Now the reason Emmanuel Steward was so keen to take the haye fight was simple. A blown up cruiserweight whose work rate wasn’t high and was never going to put the sort of constant pressure and take the fight to wlad. So less of a risk and when Haye did land, Wlad stepped forward. We then got the toe saga.
Chisora sitting wherever he was watching this guy whom had stolen his opportunity for being nothing more than a salesman had to endure 12 rounds of watching haye running round the ring.
To add to matters Chisora loses his belt to Fury who goes on to have a deal with channel 5 which will no doubt raise his profile.
Chisora is then in against Helenius who was touted as the next best thing and he beats him hands down not to be crowned European Champion.
Vitali offers Dereck the chance and the result we know.
What we don’t know is the negotiations that kicked chisora out of a title fight against wlad.
What we also don’t know is how an unbeaten chisora would have done against Wlad had they fought.
From the fight against Vitali had that been chisora in the ring that night instead of Haye, chisora might well have been world champion. One thing is for sure.. He would never have been running around the ring or blaming his toe.
The slap was no more than a response because Vitali had been prodding chisora. Check the camera angle.
The spitting of water again unacceptable but we don’t know how much wlad was doing in chisoras dressing room to provoke Derecks reaction.
As for the press conference why didn’t someone stop chisora from leaving top table?
David Haye hit chisora with a bottle but he kept coming. David won’t fight chisora because if he were to lose the risk would be too great.
I am not condoning chisora and his actions however I believe we are only seeing clips of one mans reactions rather than the whole story and no I don’t think the klitschkos are as innocent as the media would paint the picture.
Wlad was seen clapping off camera while haye and chisora scuffled then on camera was seen saying its a disgrace two faced or what?

Chisora is just one misunderstood person. Like most of us.


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