BaylorIC Worldwide-Cricket- How to Overcome batting failures

Dear Reader,

In this video blog I hope to help cricket players by giving some simple advice to batsmen who might not be scoring as many runs as they may like, want or desire.

The reason of this video blog was because one I recieved an email and then a follow-up telephone call from India from a young man called Suraj Roy whom spoke at length about not being able to stay at the crease long enough and build an innings. He also discussed he felt overwhelmed when going out to bat knowing he wasn’t scoring runs.

Scoring runs for a batsman, especially those batting in the top 6 is a big thing. The team relies heavily on them to score the runs to ensure the bowlers have a decent score to defend or attack with.  When Batsmen are unable to score runs through a lack of form or just because they have been bowled very good deliveries, the tendency is to start to self-doubt.

Hopefully this video will help to answer some of those questions. If you like the video please subscribe to my blog page and more importantly leave comments below as you too may have a question that you may want to ask or you may even want to add to something I may have missed out.

I hope that Andrew Strauss manages to watch this video- A hundred is round the corner skipper!!

How to overcome Batting Failures



  1. Thanku so much for wrote a blog 4 me sr, your tips make me perfct 4 mine team nw m going gud and cntinously making 50-70 runs in an inning thnku so much sir


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