Creating Champions On And Off The Field


When I decided to come up with the concept of BaylorIC the foundation was going to be about how by creating a business could have a positive effect on the community. I had see a lot that I felt could be improved and wasn’t prepared to sit back and allow others continue to allow things to “Keep on keeping on”

My creation and success as a cricket coach was mainly down the type of people whom were in my environment at the time.Looking back at most of them I really wonder if they really had my best interests at heart. Did they really believe in me as much as they said they did?

I remember the times I would make calls to people I felt really cared for my interest in the sport of cricket, people whom I should look up to. Unfortunately anytime I looked in that direction I would be disappointed by the outcome or their responses. They either didn’t have the time, or couldn’t make the time. In some cases, it would be an ignored email.

The fact that I was ignored made me build a strength within which I instilled in all that would listen and by that created success wherever I would coach. I developed a way to engage with youth and adults. Nothing was ever given to me. I had to make opportunities. No body sign posted the way for me and nothing much has changed. Until now..

Having worked hard in the sport and achieved considerable success despite the lack of backing, I have seen many young people in similar situations not have the strength to fight back and instead crumble at discouraging comments and negative behaviiours which in essence block the progress of an ambitious individual.

Cricket has and will be the tool for me to engage with people young and old and the sport has given me many inspirational moments and now I have my own story to tell to others to inspire which is fantastic.

Along my journey I have met some wonderful people outside the sport of cricket and they have truly been part of my walk. They have stopped to listen, offer advice and shown the sort of attitude that any “Champion” would be proud of.

In this blog I am going to reveal a few of the people whom I admire and truly are Champions in every sense of the word.

Apollo Jackson- He is a boxing journalist whom has interviewed the very best in the sport. From legends in the game to managers and up and coming fighters and has dared to get in the ring and spar with the big names. Check out his videos and see for yourself. I look forward to doing a video with him shortly.

Then there is Michael Vincent whom is not only a “World-Class” Magician but also a great man whom has taken the time to sit and talk with me at length about the sort of things most “Celebrities” would find beneath them. Truly a champion. Michael runs his own academy for young people and inspires them with magic and heart.

There is Des O Connor- A life coach whom has inspired people young and old around the world. What inspires me about Des is his ability to bring people together from all walks of life and develop a concept called “Positive Black Male” which encourages community and high profile successful individuals to meet and talk about the issues that matter in the community. Des also runs a very successful relationship coaching program for adults.

There is ATIYA who is my personal mentor and has made me realise the potential from within. I cannot say enough about the impact Atiya has had on my life, but don’t take my word for it. Atiya has also supported BaylorIC on a consultancy basis and a lot of the direction is down to her.

Check out her website

These are all champions whom are not connected to cricket but through our likemindness of wanting to serve the community and wanting to create new champions in our communities, I don’t see why sport should be the barrier to promoting or opening the door of opportunities for others. Even if I cannot engage others due to them not liking cricket, I may be able to signpost them onto fellow “Champions” or role models.

At BaylorIC Worldwide we will continue to link with champions and build partnerships so for every individual that believes they have reached a level where they are no longer accesible, there will be a role model to say and show different.

You are probably wondering about me, what have I done? Well, I have enclosed a video for you to make your own decisions..

I hope that this blog has inspired you to follow the BaylorIC Journey further and to subscribe to our blog page. Please leave a comment as we do like to hear your thoughts and feedback.

If this blog inspired you, please get in touch.. we will always respond.

Ingram Jones (April 2012)








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