BaylorIC Worldwide @ Middlesex University Sports Conference 2012


Recently I was invited to speak to the sports students and staff at Middlesex University,London on their panel of guest speakers.

The aim of the conference which was themed in line with the upcoming London 2012 Olympics is the importance of participation of sport and exercise. 

The panel also consisted of speakers from the Tottenham Hotspur Foundation, The German  Women’s Football Association, Bangladesh Cricket Board and Espirit to name but a few of a very impressive panel.

Not forgetting ATIYA whom was giving an inspirational talk around why the importance of winning in sport at times needs to be re-considered. She raised some very interesting points and as consultant for BaylorIC Worldwide I was very proud as she also spoke about the release of her new book From Ordinary To ExtraOrdinary.


 I managed to get the talk about BaylorIC Worldwide recorded.. so sit back and listen to what inspired me to get involved in cricket and why I feel so strongly about the sport.




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