David Haye : The Man behind the “HAYEMAKER”

Before I begin this blog I want to make it quite clear that I am just another boxing fan with an opinion and I also want to point out that I do like David Haye in terms of what he has done to bring some much needed excitement back into the heavyweight division as it has been going through a quite boring period with non personalities and dull fights.

I know a lot of people can be unforgiving since “Toe-Gate” where David showed the public just why he couldn’t land his trademark Hayemaker punch. The fact the opponent on the other side of the ring could have been just technically a better boxer with a more rounded style was overshadowed by this. 

The focus of my blog is not this. It is actually to see whether history will repeat itself. I truly believe that in life history repeats itself unless you learn the lessons correctly that life decides to offer you. Now I could be completely wrong about this upcoming bout between David Haye and Dereck Chisora. I was before when I predicted Chisora would upset Vitali. I predicted Chisora would win, although he did put up a very tough fight against an experienced and proven world champion in Vitali Klitschko.

The focus on my blog is David Haye the salesman. I have to say that David has entered the heavyweight division and skipped the hard route to fighting all the contenders to the  fight for the world heavyweight title based on the fact that he could express his views so clearly the public bought into the product he was selling.

So what was David selling. Apart from the fact he was an undisputed Cruiserweight Champion although Steve Cunningham might have a word to say about that being the IBF Champ at the time. David brought the talk of man that meant business. He also had a reputation of a knockout artist. Plus the fact that he ambushed Wladmir Klitchsko on an esclator to propose a big money showdown. The public licked their lips with anticipation.  Here was a man who potentially could rip the titles away from this boring champion and isnt scared or intimidated by the task. The public bought into David’s talk and accepted that Monte  Barrett was the sort of contender he should showcase his heavyweight talent against.

Now for me I am not convinced that David Haye has done anything spectacular in the heavyweight division to warrant the sort of praise or ranking that so many people have given him. In fact since his cruiserweight days I would say that he has deluded a lot of people.

David talks a lot about his hayemakers but since he has gone up to the heavyweight division he has failed to knock anybody since Bonin.  He knocked Barrett down a least 5 times, briefly shook the giant valuev, stopped Audley with a barrage of punches, dropped Ruiz but couldnt knock him out and hit a “Glass chinned” Wladmir Klitschko on route to a very poor points defeat.

Yet the public as so convinced that his next opponent Dereck Chisora is going to fall over the moment David hits him. Why? Dereck has never been close to going down and he has been hit by guys who do knock people out. Vitali Klitchsko known as one of the biggest punchers in heavyweight history and Robert Helenius touted as the next best heavyweight in the world was feared for his punch power until Dereck walked through him.

So the verdict of David being a big knockout puncher is out in my opinion.  Mike Tyson was a KO artist. One punch and you would be asleep. Naseem Hamed another. Julian Jackson. These guys would hit you and you stayed hit. David is yet to do this in the heavyweight division.

People talk about David Haye’s speed of hand and foot. Given he knocked ruiz down with a wicked one two and then he did his trademark rabbit punching round the back of his head, just like he did with Audley. He should have fast hands but he still gets hit way too often if you look at the Ruiz fight, John was able to tag David on a number of occasions and ruiz is really a slow plodder. So defensively david is suspect.

Now, since Haye has entered the heavyweight division I am convinced he is nothing more than a counter puncher, waiting for opponents to make their move and due to his faster hands landing shots when they miss.  David does not and I repeat does not take the centre of the ring and attack opponents. Again, in press conferences David says one thing and then does something completely different. I can’t see him changing his style for the Chisora fight so get ready to see a lot more counter punching from Mr Haye.

The other key thing about David is there is a pattern about his fights when opponents have beaten him. Back as an amateur he was knocked out by a guy called Jim Twight. The guy was able to absorb David’s best punch and then land his own. David Loses.

David then fights at the world championships against Solis. He stuns Solis in the first and is ahead on the score cards. Solis bites down on his gumshield absorbs David’s best punches and starts to land repeatedly.  David begins to back up and eventually runs out of steam and gets stopped. David Loses.

Then we have the famous 1st professional  defeat that David always tells us he has learnt from. The Carl Thompson fight.Same again, David rocks Thompson. Thompson comes back, absorbs Haye’s best shots and ends up stopping a tired Hayemaker. David Loses.

The Solis fight he claims it was his back. I can’t remember the excuse for the Thompson fight and the Wladmir Fight was that his toe got injured. Maybe all of this is true but one thing that is unquestionable is that history repeats itself for the Hayemaker.

Now none of the guys that beat Haye were super fast or huge knockout artists. Enter Dereck Chisora. Dereck isnt fast. Doesn’t have a big knockout record but has plenty of heart and if anybody is going to be able to absorb the “Hayemaker” its Dereck. The question is this.. am I looking too deeply into things or is David on the verge of yet another retirement. 

Another point as a heavyweight David has fought one quality opponent and that guy beat him Wladmir Klitschko and very convincingly. Dereck too has been beaten by the older brother but put up a much better show. Chisora was out of shape against Fury whom he also fought well against and then the completely robbery against the next best heavyweight in the world “Robert Helenius” Would Haye have been willing to have fought these opponents for another World title shot? Probably not.

July 14th We will know a lot more.

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