Childhood Dreams To Adult Nightmares







As a young boy, it was always a dream to be able to play cricket and represent  England but I promised myself at age 14 regardless what happened I would pursue the dream if I didn’t make it to international level to take all my knowledge as a cricket coach and use it in the Caribbean.

There had been much talk about myself going to the Caribbean via different media outlets and I even did an interview with the  UK  National newspaper called THE VOICE.

Often I would watch the television as I got older and wondered why the mighty West Indies were suddenly fast becoming the laughing stock of world cricket after being such a dominant force for so many years.  The Fire In Babylon documentary answered many questions that were missing for me about how the West Indies became the force that they did and even back then they were a laughing stock until they pulled it together and went on the longest unbeaten run in sports history as a team.

Getting older you  become wiser to the things you support and the ideas that may once have been a dream suddenly you are able to deal with the hard truths of life. Cricket Coaching certainly has taught me that travelling across the UK to Australia and now most importantly where I feel most comfortable the Caribbean.

I always had my ideas as to why the sharp decline of  top cricketers were being produced in the West Indies and in this video I will reveal more.  There are times like now I wonder why I ever made this promise to myself. .. I question whether now its ever worth the hassle.. I question whether I really want to be a part of this sport.. but I cannot turn my back now I know the truth.. I guess I have come this far and so destiny every so often asks you a question along the lines of DO YOU REALLY WANT IT? and the answer from a child till now remains the same YES.


I Hope you enjoy the video and it would be great to get your feedback. Thanks for your time and its great to be reporting about cricket once again.

Warmest Regards


Ingram Jones


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