BaylorIC TV Interview makes RUSSIAN and UKRAINIAN NEWS


In a recent interview with BaylorIC TV, Host Ingram Jones talked at length with the trainer of Eddie Chambers, Johnathon Banks and World Heavyweight Champion Wladmir Klitchsko  James Ali Bashir.

In the interview Mr Bashir discussed in a 2-hour special topics such as Muhammad Ali, Manny Pacaquiao’s Strength and Conditioning Trainer Alex Ariza, New training techniques, the use of performance enhancement drugs and padwork were among some of the hot topics.

Check out the whole interview EXCLUSIVE at  BaylorIC TV

The interview has been reported in both in Russia and Ukraine.

Ukraine article links

Russian Articles

BaylorIC TV Would like to Thank Mr James Ali Bashir for taking the time out of his busy schedule to do the interview. We would also like to thank the Ukrainian and Russian Media for mentioning BaylorIC TV.

Finally We would like to Thank Andrij Siromolot for sending us the links and being such an inspirational support to “BaylorIC TV”. He has been a supporter from day one and without him taking the time to send the links we would not have known.

Article written by BaylorIC TV Host

Ingram Jones

” We ask the questions YOU most want the answers to!” – BaylorIC TV 2013


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