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Fresh After his win @MalkyMayweather who plays as Adrien Broner took his unbeaten record to 113-0 and remains the best fighter on the “Fight Night Champion” Online gameplay. His Opponent HZGaming who controlled Juan Manuel Marquez entered the ring with an impressive 83% KO ratio but this wasn’t enough as Broner counter-punched Juan all night long and inflicting knockdowns along the way. Juan never gave up pressing the action. The 12 and final round was exciting as Marquez knowing he was a mile behind on points decided to go on an all out attack. Broner with his back against the ropes and under pressure counter punched superbly during the furious onslaught of Marquez to stun him and knock him down. The bell saved marquez and Broner went on to a unanimous points decision.

Both Jenna Jay from On The Ropes Boxing and Ingram Jones from BaylorIC TV commentated on the bout and afterwards spoke to Malky questioning the ability of the opponent. However TONIGHTS Opponent is within the top 20 best fighters in the world and unlike Marquez who lacked defensive skills but had a big punch, Malinaggi does have not only boxing skills but also has a good defense.

You can catch the action LIVE TONIGHT 8pm , The bell rings at 8.30, Is the world’s best fighter about to lose his record against the man known as the “Magic man” or is Malinaggi another “Can” meaning he “CAN GET IT”

8pm fight start 8:30pm  Don’t miss out!!




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