ATIYA to Appear on Day Break Grenada Television Program





St. Georges, GRENADA (July 9, 2013) Atiya, author, speaker, trainer, and founder of The Marriage Tree will appear on Day Break Grenada, to address the changing attitudes towards marriage and it’s impact on Caribbean communities worldwide on Wednesday, July 10 at 7:00 a.m. This is a live television appearance shown on GBN, the largest media network in Grenada, West Indies.


Atiya has written several books, including, From Ordinary to Extraordinary, and has inspired audiences worldwide to realize their dreams and achieve joy, success and fulfillment in life. She is a strong advocate, life coach, and catalyst that empowers, builds and maximizes human potential by affecting profound transformation in people’s attitudes, perspectives and behaviors toward life and marriage.

Atiya’s talk on Day Break will focus on restoring hope for the institution of marriage in the Caribbean, and cultivating awareness for the need to responsibly and purposefully date. “Everything we do in our lives must have an aim and purpose in order to exponentially benefit from our efforts. That includes the dating process as well. Whether you are looking for a friend or someone to marry, the mindset going into the building of that relationship is very important to your outcome and the experiences you have along the way.” She said.

Atiya is a passionate, articulate speaker and was the first woman of color to be crowned Mrs. Illinois in the International Pageant System, a global platform-based program developed to promote today’s married women, their accomplishments, and commitment to family and marriage. Today she continues to make a difference as a marriage strategist who helps men, women, and couples discover their own truth for a better marriage and relationship. “Strong marriages require two things: A willingness to do the work & then actually doing it.” She says.


Donna Beering, Former Director of the Mrs. Illinois Pageant, said, “…Atiya has always pursued her platform of lifting people up through inspiring them to pursue life. This consistency in her passion for people has earned her great respect as it represents her tenacity and heart-felt caring for others. Atiya is a queen with a servant’s heart.”


Since traveling to the “Spice Island,” Atiya has appeared on Chit Chat with Lexan Fletcher, a live television talk show; FRESH-FM 102.7 Live Talk Radio, and conducted a workshop for young boys for the Grenada Cricket Board.


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