video Culture, Sport and Mindset in Grenada

In this interview about Culture,Sport and Mindset in Grenada Ingram Jones talks about his dream of coaching cricket in the caribbean, and being on the island of Grenada, the various challenges and mindsets with shocking revelations. Even hear the truth about Olympic and World 400 Metre Athlete Kirani James. You dont need to be a fan of sport but if you love community, community building or to get a better insight as to what is really going on, this interview is for you. Uncut and speaking from the heart.


  1. Envy and jealousy is a monster. But continue to be the superb person you are and give your best to what you do, it comes back. We know the stats in Grenada. While there are some lovely people here, there are also some really stank people here and as it is said that Jesus said, paraphrasing… Shake the sand off your feet and keep it moving!

    You are a phenomenal coach and good at anything you put your mind to. Some people just can’t stand to see other people successful. You can lead a horse to the water, but you can’t make them drink. If the horse is that stubborn and vindictive, leave ’em to it! keep working – you will achieve the victory!


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