Moving on from David Haye- A blog of inspiration for Tyson Fury


So It has been confirmed, the conspiracy theorist is actually a realist, although they who called me a “conspiracy theorist” will never apologize. However, time always serves up the truth as David Haye is due to announce his retirement yet again due to a shoulder injury.. Cut, Shoulder… hmm.. Andre Ward…. Never!! LOL

Anyway, my thoughts are like this. David Haye was the number 1 contender for the vacant WBA title which was vacated by Povetkin as he challenged Wladmir Kiltschko for his collection of world titles. If this is the case, had fury beaten Haye wouldn’t that have made him the number 1 contender or is somebody going to tell me that the rankings actually don’t work that way? nothing surprises me in boxing anymore.

I hope that Tyson Fury reads this message and doesn’t suddenly decide to quit boxing because of the nonsense that Haye had put the furious one through. People might think I am crazy, but that is only because you are not going through the ups and downs that Team Fury have had to go through since dealing with David Haye. From signing the contract, to actually making the fight happen on deadline day to the fight actually going ahead… the emotional rollercoaster which is enough to turn anybody off. However I am of the belief that Tyson is mentally strong enough to come through this, gain a wealth of experience dealing with characters like Haye and beefing up future contracts with opponents that may try the same nonsense again.

I hope that Team Fury have been well compensated and my further suggestion would be for the WBA to strip Haye of his number 1 ranking and allow Tyson Fury the opportunity to take a warm up fight and challenge for the world title in summer 2014.  It seems logical and in terms of excitement in the heavyweight division Tyson brings a lot of it.

In closing, sadly I don’t think the boxing world will fully appreciate what Tyson brings to the table as many are still stuck in the era of Tyson, Bowe, Holyfield and Lewis. They cry out for a heavyweight with excitement and personality and Fury has both. Add the punching power of Wilder and the return of David Price under Adam Booth who will no longer have Haye or Groves… and I would say there is life in the division yet…..

I can also see Tyson Fury walking away from Boxing at an early age… there is just something that makes me believe he will want to fight the best, make as much money doing so and then retiring… I could be completely wrong and he could be fighting into his forties.. lets wait and see…


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