David Haye Vs Tyson Fury is off!! ( I hate to say that I told you so but i did)

To be honest with you boxing fans, I cannot say to you that I was ever really convinced this fight would ever happen and the warning signs were actually at the press conference. Haye seemed disinterested in engaging with Tyson Fury during the pre-fight verbals and was more interested in acting like an elder statesman looking down on the young upstart Fury,

Haye spent more time selling merchandise and getting people to follow him on twitter with more passion than ever selling this fight. Deep down I believe David never wanted this fight. In fact I am even more convinced his heart for the sport of boxing was questionable the way he was able to pull out of a charr fight citing an injury, to then enter a fight with Fury. All along I have felt that Haye has been taking the boxing public for a laugh, making up excuses as to why he cannot fight and it was a real injury with his toe which has never really been forgiven by boxing fans since his poor performance against Wladmir Klitschko.

When i released my video discussing how I felt the Haye injury was caused by a deliberate cut, many in the media considered my thoughts as a “conspiracy” theory. My response to those people is do you research on a particular fighters history of pulling out of fights and making excuses with fake injuries instead of trying to be a friend to all. The facts need to be addressed and when a fighter is taking the boxing public for fools somebody must stand up and say something.

Tyson Fury, despite what some boxing fans may believe is a very shrewd fighter. He had Haye worked out from the start and a fighter knows when another fighter is up for confrontation and I suspect Fury knew Haye didn’t want any part of a fight with the furious one.  Haye fans will tell me that there is no reason for their fighter to be scared of fighting Fury. Lets get one thing straight.

David Haye is a legendary businessman and highly charismatic… and calculated. He knows he would struggle with a fighter who is 6ft 9 inches, young, hungry and comes to fight with good boxing skills. You can point the the cunningham knockdown all you want but Haye fans are so mesmorised by their fighter that they forget Haye threw under 50 punches in a whole fight against valuev, off the back foot.. Evander Holyfield who was 45 plus put on a boxing masterclass against valuev in comparision. If you think back to the fight Haye had the only thing fans will remind you of is the last 30 seconds where he staggered valuev. Otherwise what was so great about the win?

Haye knew this fight against Fury was a huge gamble and should he potentially lose his world title ambitions would be in tatters. If he beat Fury how much credit would he have received after slating Fury’s boxing ability saying that Fury was clumsy. He also said Wlad was glass chinned yet Haye connected on Wlad with little effect.

Cunningham was prepared to take chances in the fight with Fury and get on the inside, Haye has never been a good inside fighter and all of his fights have been fought off the back foot at heavyweight. Had the fight ever gone ahead the question for me would have been whether Haye had learnt his lesson from the Wlad fight where he was totally shut down by the left jab and had no technical answers of how to slip wlad’s jab and get inside. Plus I am of the belief that Fury would have engaged Haye into a fight and taken chances which not only would have made for an exciting fight but I also believe would have been a real challenge for Haye and he deep down knew this.

I also believed Haye would pull out of this rescheduled fight to chase down the vacated title by Povetkin considering he was the number 1 contender or even take on vitali in his final fight. Again Haye fans mocked my thoughts.. but again everybody is entitled to their opinion.

Haye has brought some colour back into the heavyweight division, it would have been great to have seen him travel to America and fight the top guys such as Wilder, Jennings and Thompson. Judging by his shoulder injury we may have seen the last of Mr Haye. Please don’t misunderstand my thoughts, I am more frustrated with the former cruiser weight and heavyweight champ. I have always felt he could have done more for the division and like any boxing fan, Haye brought excitement outside the ring with his trash talking and inside with his power punching. However the repeated pullouts and “injuries” for me have left a rather bitter taste to my mouth,

As for Team Fury, the sooner Tyson can be back in the ring the better. To put this chapter well behind him and push on with half a year wasted on this fight. Team Fury I suspect knew this was coming, hence Peter Fury mentioning Tyson would fight regardless of whether Haye was available of not. I hope that they are well compensated for the complete waste of time.


I would love to have interviewed the Hayemaker and ask the questions which the fans would have wanted the answers to and as you know.. I would have asked them. What made me chuckle was when Adam Booth was asked about the “conspiracy theories” of him cutting David Haye, Booth responded “people love to chat Sh**  I would have to agree with you Mr Booth. Some even build a career on it,

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