In Bed with Ingram & Atiya Episode 1

Quite Literally Ingram Jones & Atiya – In Bed Episode 1 discussing #relationships #love #marriage.

In this first episode we join the dynamic duo of Ingram Jones and Atiya as they are snug in bed and decide to have a “Fireside Chat” In Atiya’s words.. her husband Ingram seems half asleep and then suddenly springs to life when asked his opinion when he is face to face with a room full of attractive women. How does he respond? Will he say the safe thing and respond to his wife telling her that his eyes were all on her or will Ingram drop a bomb shell on the marriage coach?

With topics such as love, marriage, relationships, trust and loyalty it’s non-stop fun and comedy as these two go back and forth. The United Kingdom and Untied States Of America are meant to have a “Special Relationship” well if Ingram (UK) and Atiya (USA) are anything to go by, these two countries are constantly going back and forth with cultural differences and apparently how to communicate with one another.. Ingram refers to Atiya as speaking the “American Language”

Ingram and Atiya are back and this time they are not even leaving their bed! Make sure you join them in their latest adventure. 


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