BaylorIC Worldwide TV Celebrates Young Grenadian Krystal Cyrus Book “The Enigmatics”

Grenada’s Young Author Krystal Cyrus has released her first book called “The Enigmatics” as part of the BaylorIC Worldwide Internship program which begun in Jan 2014 in Grenada. Krystal worked hard and completed the internship and with it had achieved with her vision board which was to become a published author. Krystal also won Intern of the year and is a shining example of what BaylorIC Worldwide Television were looking for when setting up the program in early 2014. 

Founder of BaylorIC Worldwide Television Ingram Jones said” Krystal was the youngest of the group, what impressed me most was her determination to focus on her goals and while others found a way to not see their vision through, Krystal stuck with the dream and now its become a reality, she is truly an inspiration not only to the young people of the island but also to myself who believed that this internship could produce an international star and Krystal is well on her way!”

BaylorIC Worldwide Television is just part of the Ingram & Atiya Enterprise umbrella which comprises of The Marriage Tree, Empower U and Atiyaslight Publishing. 

Wife & Business Partner Atiya said ” Krystal was set a number of tasks but early on I believed she would go on to do something very special and indeed she has. Krystal has written an excellent book and is the perfect example of what happens if you stay focused!” ” It was an honour to be able to publish her book via our company and this is just the first step for what will be a very exciting year for this young lady, despite the fact that she left Grenada during the summer she remained steadfast and we have some great plans for her in 2015.. stay tuned!” 

The Enigmatics by Krystal Cyrus

Krystal Cyrus Facebook Page

Get your book published with Atiya’s Light Publishing


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