image Building Intellectual Equity: Black History Month

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Building Intellectual Equity: Black History Month

Join us in creating a new and fresh approach to celebrating black history month! Unlocking Genius Institute and its partnering scholars, teachers, and presenters have designed a 4 week training to build intellectual equity. This course is for all ages, families, educators, homeschools and those who love learning.

Join us now!

Course Overview

Introduction to “Building Intellectual Equity” course
Aim and Purpose
Black Creativity and Genius

African Sacred Science

Black America’s Greatest Geniuses
The God-Given Genius of Elijah: The Building of A Nation

INNOVATION! A Joint Project with The Museum of Science & Industry Chicago

Logic & Legacy: Teaching Reasoning through Black Heritage, History and Tradition

Building Intellectual Equity

Building Intellectual Capital – w/ Phil Jackson, Black Star Project
Self-Improvement: “Know yourself better than anyone else”
College Bound: From preK-12
The 7 Principles of Community Resiliency – w/ Dr. Carl Bell
Emotional Intelligence – w/ Dr. Dominica McBride
Study Mastery: How to Master any Subject!

The Power of WORDS!

Overcoming the Barriers to study
The importance of the dictionary: Malcom X’s Secret

Building Academic Vocabulary (Students K-12)

Building Academic Vocabulary (Adults in the workplace)
STEM (Science, Tech, Engineering, Math), Healthcare and Economics

Why Math and Science?: Nation Building Skills
Urban Agriculture: Creating Sustainable Systems
Mastering the subject of Math

Robotics and Innovation: Engaging your community in advance science projects

BONUS: Special Guest Presentation

Course Price:

This course is viewable on all mobile devices
21+ high quality lessons



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