Surrender, Trust, & Allow – Quan Yin – Galactic Brotherhood – 2-2-15

quaan yin

You have made it halfway through the period we are calling the “Great Purge”. For many this has been a trying period where thoughts, emotions, and behavior have risen unbidden. This leaves many feeling confused or as if they have gone backwards in your evolution. This fear has left many of you feeling anxious and unsure of your place and position in the world. Much around you is changing rapidly and it has created a general unease in the collective that some are picking up on. Many are going through drastic personal changes as well. This is a difficult time , but one where incredible growth can be achieved.

This is also a time of choice. Many are making choices right now through their words, thoughts and actions. Are you ready to let go of all that has defined you and step into your true essence? Or do you need…

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