video Bryant Jennings “The Man who dared to become Heavyweight Champion Of The World” by Ingram Jones

I guess this blog/Video was created because of the skepticism that has darken our vision of the years. The belief that seeing truly is believing. The story that a man is dismissed of his dreams when the mountain seems too high, when the odds are against him. The philosophy of either you are a bully or you are going to get bullied. The hopelessness of succeeding because its just your time. The fashion that only when Floyd Mayweather “TBE” says Hard Work, Dedication that he alone is that and no other fighter can be that. 

The assumption that Martin Luther King’s ” I have a dream” is so long ago and in black and white and now we are in HD it doesn’t matter. Evander Holyfield being a small man each and every time he stepped into the ring as a heavyweight was always dismissed as a “Blown Up Cruiserweight” yet they underestimated the size of his heart, his guts and his will which was far bigger than the size of any man that dare stepped foot in the ring. 

The experts that tell you that the 100 Metre world record that has been set will be near impossible to break, along comes Usain Bolt. America will never have a black president and then.. President Barrack Obama serves 2 terms, he might have served even longer had it been possible. 

Now comes along a hard working, dedicated young man named Bryant Jennings who like the others i have mentioned also has a dream, a vision to topple the giant, his name Wladimir Klitschko. Of course the experts have dismissed the man from Philly saying he’s too small and too inexperienced, yet if he wins they will surround him and congratulate him for defeating the giant but will then tell you.. well “Wlad was getting on in age”

So I write this blog as many have asked me the question, do I write blogs? The answer to the question is when  I feel the time is right to express my feelings and I am sure many will read this. 

I am fed up of what these two faced experts have got t say. Fed up of being told to give up on your dreams because there is someone of some obstacle that might put up a fight to oppose your vision. What you all may or may not understand is that from a spiritual tip, life will never deal you what you can’t handle and will always prepare you for what is to come. No matter what that may be.

People often dismiss what I am doing with BaylorIC TV, I can do this and that better but they who say it will never offer the time or the support necessary, well until they see you rise to the cream of the creme and then they want to tell you how to celebrate that success. Through our interviews I have been privileged to be a part of the crowning moment of a few good fighters, Terrence Crawford one of exclusive interviews, spoken to this incredible fighter twice, at length. Predicted he would become a world champion when people dismissed him.. they are now raving about him. Keith Thurman another, Bermane Stiverne the first Haitian Heavyweight world champion yet another, and now its time for “By-By” to step up to that mantle.

Let us not forget Team Fury when Hughie made his debut and trainer Peter Fury, people knew little about. Experienced trainers such as Uncle James Ali Bahsir and Abel Sanchez have shared their nuggets of wisdom as well…this is because one man set on on a dream and whilst its no where near complete the fruits are there to see.. had I listened to the ney sayers.. none of this would have happened. 

I end on this note to say this because in your experience you don’t believe a person can do something, don’t automatically dismiss them. Give yourself the capacity to dream the dream and when it becomes a reality share in that moment of magic, the dream of freedom and success, celebrate the lifting of a world title and don’t isolate yourself from an experience that you to can be, lifting the belt of your dreams… and while you do it knowing you were supported along with it.

i often don’t blog because of the lack of comments, but in this case..i’m sure my YouTube video will get a few comments, some of the same old boring tired mindsets… but i open my heart to receive a different message and to post a blog that will not only inspire you but to the man named “By By” on April 25th to become a man who fufills his destiny. All the best Bryant.

I hope you enjoy the video

Inspired by BaylorIC TV’s Ingram Jones


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