video BaylorIC TV Boxing Channel #worldboxing Roundup Video #1

Before you ask the question why in black and white? the answer is a simple one I couldn’t be bothered to fiddle with the lighting on the Google hangout system so instead i decided to try something a little different and go in black and white so don’t be concerned with the monitor… its from our end so…

It’s the first one of these videos in a long time and I would like to take it to a point where I can can consistently do a weekly show like this.. there a whole lot more on the table to tend to outside boxing.. #Life however, what might be the norm is to do a weekly show to avoid having to do 8 or 9 videos with the amount of fights that are being thrown at us.

It’s an exciting time for boxing fans, we are in the season where the biggest and best fights are being made, so you gotta put yourself out there and be a part of the movement.

Thank you for your time and enjoy the video and once I can work out the chat options on this it will be great!

Love and Light

Ingram Jones

BaylorIC TV


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