video Exclusive : Brother Jamil Muhammad “Justice Or Else” Interview


Exclusive Interview with Jamil Muhammad, National Spokesman for the Honorable Min. LOUIS FARRAKHAN We discuss why the “Justice Or Else” event on October 10th 2015 is happening in Washington, DC and historic black historical events that have led up to this moment where the people of America want “Justice Or Else”

Brother Jamil Muhammad is a Native Cincinnatian, and son of Freedom Fighter parents. He attended Howard University, and is a proud father of four Howard University graduates, and the father of three more high schoolers who are on their way to the same campus!

Brother Jamil is a longtime helper and still an avid student of Minister Louis Farrakhan. His service in the Nation of Islam (NOI) includes heading up Mosques in New Orleans, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Atlanta, and leading the Muslims throughout the Deep South. Brother Jamil was appointed to his current position as NOI National Spokesman in 2001.

Recently, he was tapped by the Minister to head up Youth Mobilization for “Justice or Else,” the 20th Anniversary of the Million Man March, to be held in Washington, D.C. on 10-10-15. (

Brother Jamil is the recipient of numerous awards and citations, among them Omega Psi Phi Community Service Award; Baltimore City Outstanding Citizen; Sacramento, California Men of Honor; and other grass roots recognition for his commitment to our people in the streets.

Regardless of all of his credentials and work, the title he most treasures is…”Brother.”Jamil Muhammad, National Spokesman for the Honorable Min. Louis Farrakhan


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