video Dr Charles Rawlings “It’s really that complicated” Relationship Talk on Ingram & Atiya Show

Dr Charles Rawlings, author of the book “It’s really that complicated” was our guest on the Ingram and Atiya show filmed from the beautiful Island of Grenada, West Indies.

In this interview Dr Rawlings explores the dynamics between men and women in relationships in a frank and open discussion which also reveals more about his book.

Married Couple Ingram and Atiya share their own experiences, whilst Atiya, The Marriage Strategist is eager to hear Dr Rawlings take on relationships. 

“It’s really not complicated” Is now available!it-really-is-that-complicated/c22ad

Check out Ingram & Atiya’s new show “More Love Online” where top relationship experts from across America share their top tips in frank discussions.


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