video “Save Wycombe Hospital” Campaigner Ozma Hafiz Talks To BaylorIC Worldwide Television


Save Wycombe Hospital Campaigner Omza Hafiz talks to BaylorIC Worldwide Television about #SaveWycombeHospital &#HandBackOurHospital

Ways to help right Save Wycombe Hospital now include:

*Sign the LATEST PETITION:… and share it widely!

*Join in with #HandsUpForAHandBack by sending in your photos with your hand in the ‘stop’ position. We’re making a mosaic. Details for our social media protest here:


*Write you your MP explaining why you support the cause (keep your stories saved, you’re welcome to copy in

*Would you like to be part of a video explaining why you support the cause? Email

*Send in your stories, comments, offers of help, hand photos, artwork etc. to

(With your permission stories can be forwarded on to our local MP, commissioners, Healthwatch Bucks and HASC scrutiny committee)

*Share our posters on social media and follow the campaign @HandBackOurHosp,…,…


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