video Interview with #Lightworker Zion From Heart Union on #Spirituality, #Veganism, #Fairyology

BaylorIC Worldwide Television’s Ingram Jones talks to Zion from Heart Union about Spirituality, Veganism and Fairyology.  


Zion is a very intuitive, wise, strong and awakened woman who has overcome a life of trauma and depression after many years of personal development and a huge determination to find freedom and inner peace. She has chosen to commit to self-love and to do what it takes to fulfill her mission and passion on Earth. She is constantly learning, working on herself and sharing her gifts with others.
Zion has gained an incredible amount of experience and knowledge that now enables her to guide and inspire others on their journey of self-love, healing and spirituality.
Zion is also a Certified Fairyologist and she has a beautiful connection with the Elemental realm and the angels. She connects with them daily to receive divine information and healing.

Daily Guidance and Inspiration

Facebook: Heart Union
Instagram: @heart.union
YouTube: Heart Union
Snapchat: zionmeow


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