video Join SOULAIRE live on BaylorIC Worldwide Television Sunday 8th Jan 2017

Join SOULAIRE live on BaylorIC Worldwide Television
Sunday 8th Jan 2017.  10am (California Time) 6pm (GMT) 2pm (Eastern Standard Time)

Click this link to be taken to LIVE EVENT

More than a recording artist or fashion stylist. Soulaire refers to himself as a master of the arts. A true revolutionary that utilizes his gifts in a song, uplifting and inspiring others. Soulaire is more than a look. It’s a feeling. A genre of a doubt that blends and mixes the soul from gospel and blues, with rock styling and a hip hop tinge. In his earlier years he found Christ at an early age and that is when he decided to surrender to the calling and walk in purpose. Oct 19, 2016. He threw his first major event called “Soul Slayze” which is an event that highlights musicians and fashion influencers. Soulaire is currently recording new material for his debut EP. He channels his creativity and uses them
To speak on social issues. Bridging the gap in between music and fashion while doing his light work is his main objective. Aspiring to inspire. Soulaire believes the sun shines so you should to. This year you can expect television appearances as well as the release of his debut project. Soul Inspiration.

Check out Soulaire in ACTION!!



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