video Indigenious Destiny has a personal message for YOU!!


A short invitation message from Indigenous Destiny inviting you to join her on BaylorIC Worldwide Television on Saturday 14th Jan 2017 at 1pm (Pacific Time) 4pm(Eastern Time) 9pm (GMT)


Indigenous Destiny is a Los Angeles based music artist, designer and content creator. Growing up in Southern California to two performing parents, becoming an artist was inevitable for Destiny. She tried everything from fine art to music to fashion design. If there was a form of art that piqued her interest, she tried it.

Living a relatively nomadic lifestyle, her family moved every six months to two years, forcing Destiny to acclimate to various cultures and environments. She considers this a major influence musically as she enjoys mixing neo-soul, rock, classical and tribal instrumentation.
After high school, Destiny spent the next 5 years dabbling in art curation and working heavily in the fashion industry. She even vlogged her 4-month journey across the United Sates to gain inspiration to hone her musical style. These hobbies developed into the start of her custom jewelry line, a growing vlog on YouTube, and a string of performances leading to the culmination of her new music project set to debut in 2017.

What’s New:

– Just launched a new collection of jewelry for Spring and Summer called Desert Muse.

-Working on her new single and upcoming show at the end of January.

-Launched a new blog that is now the exclusive place to pull my line for artists and performers. Blog is called Sailing In The Desert.


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