BWTM Reveals “The Trinity” for a brave new world

BaylorIC Worldwide Television & Media now referred to as BWTM has begun an ambitious journey into not only delivering more content but specific content for a specific audience. 

Over the years BaylorIC Worldwide TV & BaylorIC TV Boxing Channel has provided video, audio and visual content (BaylorIC Newspaper, Kings & Queens, Caribbean News) with over 3 Million views and almost 10,000 subscribers but now the stakes have been raised. With the re-launch of the online television station, BWTM announce 2 new additions to its brand.

BWTM Sports dedicated to news, views and interviews with exclusive features and live shows from the world of sports

and the latest addition

BWTM Gaming for all the gaming world, we will be hosting live shows with fan interaction, previewing new games, reviewing old games and much more.

(Please SUBSCRIBE & LIKE we are targetting 100,000 views before Dec 2017)

and of course the flagship channel which is where it all started back in 2009

BWTM dedicated as always to bringing the world closer to you. This channel will now focus on News, Community, Entertainment & Culture 

General Manager Mr Franklyn Jones whom has been a driving force behind brand BaylorIC was delighted in announcing such changes, “Exciting times for BWTM and looking forward to see how it all pans out!” 

BWTM will  continue Enspire, Educate & Empower ….


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