Dr Atiya Jones talks about Metaphysics & The Marriage Tree to BWTM

Dr. Atiya K. Jones is a metaphysician, spiritual guide, author, speaker, and educator, who specializes in holistic life counseling. In addition to being a Holistic/Complementary Therapies Practitioner with exceptional intuitive abilities, a Master Reiki Practitioner and Teacher, and a Kundalini yoga instructor, she is the Executive Director of I AM Network.





A seasoned minister with over 25 years of experience in organizational leadership, community development, strategic planning, and program development and implementation, Dr. Jones also works as a marriage strategist, helping people and their circle of influence to raise their EQ (emotional quotient), and connect the dots. In 2004, Dr. Jones made history when she was crowned Mrs. Illinois International and placed third runner-up worldwide at the Mrs. International pageant, standing on the platform of National Child Welfare Reform. She is the author of numerous books including From Ordinary to Extraordinary and Purposeful Dating. She produced several empowerment messages and has written a number of self-help articles, essays and writings dealing with spirituality, health and wellness, marriage and relationships, cultural competence, and self-empowerment. She is also the recipient of countless awards in performing arts and community service and a Going the Extra Mile Monetary Award from the Community Mental Health Council, Inc. (CMHC).


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