BaylorIC Worldwide TV Now Showing “The Trials Of Muhammad Ali” Trailer & much more

BaylorIC Worldwide Television ( are currently showing 3 Trailers on the station.
“The Trials of Muhammad Ali”
“Music For Mandela”
As part of the upcoming British Urban Film Festival which begins in September.

On September 4th Spencer Fearon will be hosting a panel of boxing experts after the UK Premiere of The Trials Of Muhammad Ali. For more information please




Sheffield’s Kell Brook finally gets his chance to feed 2 birds with one worm. First he gets the opportunity to show the world just how special breaks down how he thinks the August 16th fight will go down. he really is on the American TV network “Showtime” and he will be doing this against the current IBF welterweight champion of the world Shawn “Showtime” Porter.

BaylorIC TV’s Ingram Jones breaks down how he thinks the August 16th fight will go down. 

Culture, Sport and Mindset in Grenada

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In this interview about Culture,Sport and Mindset in Grenada Ingram Jones talks about his dream of coaching cricket in the caribbean, and being on the island of Grenada, the various challenges and mindsets with shocking revelations. Even hear the truth about Olympic and World 400 Metre Athlete Kirani James. You dont need to be a fan of sport but if you love community, community building or to get a better insight as to what is really going on, this interview is for you. Uncut and speaking from the heart.

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BaylorIC TV Interviews Nubia Magazine Editor Angela Rahman

Editor Angela Rahman Talks to BaylorIC TV about “Nubia Magazine”

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Nubia Magazine Background:
Nubia Magazine established since July 2008 is a community publication and now with a magazine site that enables our global community to engage collectively across the spheres.

Nubia Magazine Mission:
Our mission is to promote positive representations and celebrate achievements across the globe, combat negative misrepresentations within society that impact self-image and self-esteem, provide a platform to encourage engagement within communities, private and public sector, creating opportunities to promote their products and services to a target audience.

Emmanuel Anyiam-Osigwe Talks About British Urban Film Festival 2014

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BUFF (British Urban Film Festival) Owner Emmanuel Anyiam-Osigwe talks about the 2014 Festival, how Buff Originated, discussing the meaning of “Urban” and what to look forward at BUFF 2014.

Movies such as “The Trials of Muhammad Ali” & “Music for Mandela” are 2 of the many movies, not forgetting “Montanna” Directed by Mo Ali.

To see the trailers of both The Trials of Muhammad Ali & Music For Mandela click here

Book your tickets for BUFF 2014 NOW!!

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BaylorIC TV’s Ingram Jones Interviewed by Irish Boxing Review 2014 Publication

The man who likes to “Ask the questions the fans want the answers to” has found himself in an unfamiliar role for the first time in 2014.

BaylorIC Worldwide TV’s Ingram Jones who is usually the man asking the questions was approached by Writer Steve Wellings for an interview about his views on World Boxing and of course Irish Boxing.

Irish Boxing Review 2014 is part of a yearly publication.


Check out what Ingram had to say about Ireland’s  Carl Frampton as he tackles Kiko Marinez in a rematch for the World Title. Frampton won by ko last time, will Kiko get revenge? what about the future of Irish boxing

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