British professional Boxer Robin Deakin speaks to BaylorIC TV in this exclusive interview where he opens up and tells all about the impact of his boxing license being taken from him.
Robin pulls no punches in this interview as he speaks at length about this challenges he faces in and out of the ring in the biggest fight of his career and also has advice for other professional boxers.

This is a petition with a plea to The British Boxing Board of Control to reverse the decision of removing the licence held by Robin Deakin.

This is a fighter who has always given his all, lives and breathes the sport and gives fans what they want to see.

He has never turned down a fight and without entertaining journeymen like Robin the sport of Boxing would be a duller place. Taking on young up and coming fighters and challengers like Anthony Crolla and Stephen Smith adds to the experience and is an integral part of other boxers careers.

Robin was born with some health issues with doctors saying he would not walk so what he has achieved is unbelieveable and he should be allowed to perform what he loves.

The following link shows how much it means to Robin and how and why he needs his licence back – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ebODIBxgjJI

We are looking for as many signatures as possible to help Robin get the licence he earned and deserved back and prove everyone wrong!

Many thanks for taking the time to read this and appreciate the signature.



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